Description, Instructions, and Information

These are our most versatile lights, with 1000s of colour options and a wide range of modes to light up your next party. Perfect to shoot up the walls or onto a disco ball to bring your event to life!


  • Multi-colour spotlight

Instructions of Use

  1. Plug in the attached power cord into a power point


  • To Change Modes, use the “MENU” and “UP” and “DOWN” buttons
  • CC – Still Colour: Change the colour of the spotlight using the UP and DOWN buttons (001-064)
  • RB – Fading Between Colours: Change fading speed using the UP and DOWN buttons (01-16)
  • PL – Pulsing Colour Change: Change pulse speed using the UP and DOWN buttons (01-16)
  • SD – Still Colour Change: Change the speed of the colour changes by using the UP and DOWN buttons (01-16)
  • FL – Flash/Strobe: Change the speed of the strobe/flashes by using the UP and DOWN buttons (01-16)
  • Soud: Colours will automatically change when it hears the music and will turn off if there is no music. Makes sure that the light is close enough to the sound system for it to pick up the sounds.
  • Ignore options r, g, b, and dd


Ensure that the power cords and light unit are in a safe dry place. Those who are photosensitive may be triggered by this product.

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